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Facilities currently available at Center:

  • Complete Eye Checkup.
  • Refractive Surgery (Excimer Laser / Lasik).
  • Glaucoma Screening. (Autoperimetry, Gonioscopy, Non Contact Tonometer, Argon Laser, Trabeculoplasty)
  • Advanced Cataract & Phacomulsification surgery setup with IOL implantation (foldable and Multifocal, Bifocal lenses)
  • Yag Laser for after Cataract and Glaucoma.
  • Sqint Operations
  • CLE/ PHAKIC Refrractive Lenses (PRL) implantation where Lasik is not possible
  • Topography
  • Spectacles & Contact Lens Clinic.


This is a scanning machine which helps in doing two tests

  • A scan biometry - This is a test to calculate the length of the eye ball. This is a very important measurement for accurate calculation of IOL power.

This is a gold standard for measuring for measuring pressure inside the eye or Intraocular pressure.It measures pressure by force required to flatten a constant area of the cornea.


This instrument is used for computerised testing of refractive power of the eye.


This is used to measure the curvature of front surface of the cornea. This reading is helpful in measuring the IOL power before cataract surgery.It is also used for perfect fitting of contact lenses.


It optically detects the momentary state of the cornea (applanated by air pressure) and measures intraocular pressure without touching the cornea.


This is a type of microscope with attached light which allows doctor to examine eye under high magnification. It is primarily used to view the anterior structures of the eye like cornea, lens and iris. However with the use of specialised lenses, it is also possible to see the vitreous, retina and optic nerve with this.


It is a computerised equipment to analyse the corneal surface or the clear transparent anterior surface of the eye. It produces a colour coded map which plots and calculated the power and location of the steepest and flattest meridians. It is used preoperatively in cases of refractive surgery or LASIK, to rule out other eye disorders like keratoconus or contact lens warpage and also to analyse postoperative healing patterns in keratoplasty, cataract, RK, PRk and LASIK.

ZEISS ( GERMANY) ND YAG LASER This laser is used for 2 purposes :
  • It is used for doing capsulotomy for the treatment of secondary cataract or posterior capsular opacification which develops in about 50 % of the patients after cataract surgery.
  • It is also used for doing peripheral iridectomy in patients with angle closure glaucoma. It is a condition of increased pressure inside the eye caused by sudden blockage of circulation of fluid within the eye.

This instrument is used for calculating axial length of the eye which helps in determining IOL power before cataract surgery. The addition of ultrasonic pachymeter with this machine helps in accurate measurement of corneal thickness for proper corneal evaluation and patient selection before keratorefractive procedures such as LASIK.

ZEISS GREEN LASER OR DOUBLE FREQUENCY YAG LASER It is used for treatment of disease like Diabetics Retinopathy, Vascular Occlusions and peripheral retinal degenerations. It is fully equipped with three delivery systems:
  • Slit Lamp delivery system
  • Laser indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Endolaser delivery System

It is used for Fundus Fluoroscien Angiography (FFA) and Fundus Photography. This is connected to image net software for easy Archiving and retrieval of Photographs and instant reporting


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